Did you know that you don’t have to feel like you are at the end of your rope or on the verge of divorce to seek coaching?

There is a common misconception that counseling should be a last resort. However, that is simply not true. Think about the health of your relationship like your dental health. We go to the dentist every 6 months for routine cleanings and check ups. The purpose is to maintain health and prevent what could be a small problem, like the beginnings of a cavity, from turning into a more serious problem, like the need for a root canal. Sometimes at a dental check up the dentist may tell me he can see a weak spot on my tooth that has the potential for turning into a cavity. By taking more care to floss, brush and use a fluoride rinse, I can help strengthen my tooth and prevent a cavity from forming.

If we apply this to relationships, seeking counseling even if you feel your relationship is good can be like a “checkup” for you as a couple. A counselor can first help you recognize the strengths in your relationship and then assist you in realizing how you can use those strengths to fortify the weaker areas of your relationship. So, before your relationship becomes full of cavities, get a check up and experience the benefits of couples counseling. Read more...
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Did you know, that most relationships can overcome an affair?

An affair is one of the most painful experiences that couples face, and one of the greatest challenges for helping professionals to overcome. If you need affair recovery help, I have created a 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Model, that will help you & your relationship recover within 12 weeks.

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Would you like to know how to have a more satisfying relationship?

Relationships are what life is all about. So to be able to communicate our thoughts and feelings with the people we care about the most, can enrich our life beyond measure. These are the skills we are not taught by our parents, at schools or in our relationship/s. We form habits and behaviors that destroy or diminish our best potential.

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